Our primary goal is to create a startup town like Silicon Valley or Shenzhen in Japan. In today's Japan, there is no company that has advanced into the world from the recent generation. Where were Toyota, Sony, etc in the past ...。 First of all, we will create a city where startups will be activated so that we can become the world's leading company "in a true sense" and that more and more companies will join us. Next, we need to build infrastructure in developing countries. In the future, there are concerns about food shortages due to population growth, particularly in Africa. I believe that infrastructure is necessary to supply food. And once the infrastructure is in place and foreign capital is willing to invest, the country will develop. We will help developing countries to boost their potential not as developing countries but as growing countries.


We are 'service provider'. Provide value that no one else can. It's not fun to be the same as everyone else, and that's the basis of Emposy. We value the trust that people think "Emposy Is Doing Something Strange Again, Let's Use It", and we want people who use our services to be surprised and impressed.


Company name
Emposy, inc.
Shin'ya Kitani, CEO Kazuyoshi Shoji, Operating officer
7-floor, SANKYO UMEDA BUILDING, 1-5 Doyama-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka 530 0027, Japan
Capital Stock
1.6 million yen
Date of incorporation
August 8, 2019
Correspondent bank
Resona Bank
IT vendors, dealers, services, and education
office :+81 72-200-2950 representative individual:+81 90-3827-6115
Web Site
IT Production "fastest engineering": Google for Jobs Optimization "JEO plus": Online tutoring "O-Juku": WEB Snippet Platform "deshinon":