ZERO Homepage "Ref"

Instead of a simple design like WordPress or Wix, you can use professional homepages for the shortest and lowest prices.

  • The initial cost is 0 yen.
  • You can create a website for 10,000 yen a month.
  • Analyzing your preferences from 800 designs
  • Sophisticated professional design
  • Deploy in as little as 1 day

Site Optimization "conversion shift"

It is a service that the AI analyzes the site and selects the one with the best response from the preset sentences.

  • Increased operating efficiency
  • Installation is simple, with only a few lines of code embedded
  • AI automates everything so you don't have to worry about it.
  • The design of the site remains unchanged.
  • Run out of time for analysis

Online tutoring "O-Juku"

I run an online tutor specializing in scientific studies. We are also developing a service to make learning a habit.

  • Scientific study proven in the paper
  • Thorough support for habitual study
  • Teacher selection based on MBTI
  • The only teachers are the talented students of Kyoto University.
  • All you need is a smartphone or tablet.

Google for Jobs Optimization "JEO plus"

It's a service that you can post on Google's recruiting service "Google Every Search". JEO measures for Google search optimization are also supported.

  • Can be immediately posted to Google for jobs
  • Measures for the top display are also available.
  • Create a job site in 5 minutes with a click
  • There are 10 types of templates.
  • Google has more than 60 million users in Japan

IT Production "fastest engineering"

We conduct "IT development for management" with the primary aim of contributing to sales. We produce commercial IT services, create websites, design flyers, and provide marketing support.

  • One day development is also possible.
  • Extremely fast delivery due to the presence of professionals
  • Eliminate waste for ultra-low cost
  • Because we use psychological design, it's directly related to sales.
  • Marketing support with guaranteed access

Tax Saving Specialty Dealer "IMPERITZ"
(* We are not open to the public.)

We specialize in sales of tax-saving vehicles to corporate customers. Currently, only introductory customers are available.

Name: Emposy Co., Ltd. Authorized Public Safety Commission Name: Osaka Prefectural Public Safety Commission Permit Number: 62205 R024123

WEB Snippet Platform "deshinon"

It is a service that anyone from beginners to professionals can easily introduce parts of the web by copying and pasting. We have a wide variety of unique designs.

  • You can easily create a web site by copying and pasting.
  • Only highly original designs are selected
  • Available for free
  • Wide variety of buttons, headings, menus, etc.
  • Commercially available

Media business

I run a lot of media.

  • IT Deployment Media 'GAL'
  • Anyca production media 'I Love Anyca'
  • Test media 'A site where you can go to Kyoto University in Takuro'
  • Useful daily media 'nameless lover'


Service to eliminate reservation cancellation "Yoyakyan"
(* Service is suspended.)

This is a place that can be advertised to those who are in trouble with (or some other service) "not much" due to sudden cancellation of reservation, ordering too much, or not selling out.

  • To be able to eliminate excess merchandise
  • Customers can expect a discount.
  • You can help the store in trouble.