We want to make a startup town (tentative) in Japan.

Startups have changed the world. We need to produce the following GAFA from Japan. There are many Silicon Valley in Japan, but I don't want to make one like that. Emposy will become a true "powerful" company, mobilizing large companies and even the country to create a Japanese startup town (tentative).

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Our Services

Tax Saving Specialty Dealer "IMPERITZ"

We specialize in the sales of "tax avoidance" vehicles, and we offer tax-saving know-how and select vehicles with high resale value. (* Because it is an introduction system, it is not open to the public.)

IT Production "fastest engineering"

Using "Fastest" as a weapon, we create IT services and websites with the highest priority on increasing client sales. He is also known for his subsequent marketing support.

Google for Jobs Optimization "JEO plus"

We operate the Google Job Search Top Display Optimization Service "JEO plus" which can be posted for free. It is easy to publish without technical knowledge.

Look at other businesses

Emposy's motto is to conduct business that has social value.

Company Information

Our mission may be old-fashioned rather than avant-garde. Rather than aiming for an advanced company, I would like to be in a company that was already advanced.

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We are announcing our activities and new businesses at Emposy. On the representative blog, I write about what I want to think as it is, so please drop by.

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We are looking for interesting people to work with. First of all, let's go for a meal. Everyone who is interested in Emposy is surely interesting.

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